Monday, May 31, 2010

Sometimes I Cook

Actually I cook alot, but since I've been on bed rest I took a lil break from the kitchen. I was missing it a lot so this past weekend I decided to get back in the game and made a delish greek inspired Mac and Cheese the recipe was pulled from my all time favorite cooking blog Annie's Eats .

Here are some pictures I took while cooking:

 It was BEYOND delish! Though super filling, next time I'll for sure serve it with a veggie dish or a salad as well.

It was a pretty dreary and rainy weekend, so I got down to business and finaly put in my new fusion extensions! Pictures and blog about it in the next few days! I'm pretty stoked they look awesome!

Hope all you Americans had a rad long weekend!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Crafty Again

Since I have had to be away from my husband to come back to Canada and have surgery and get treatment I have been missing him alot. It's clearly a really tough spot to be in so I thought It would be really cute to make him a littel suprise to make him smile. I came across this idea online where you take a deck of cards and put a reason why you love someone on all the 52 cards and then use the jokers as the top and bottom to kind of create a book.

I got started by typing out this list on my computer :

1. Best Smile On Earth
2. You Cry During Sappy Movies With Me
3. You’re Not Afraid To Tell Me When I’m Wrong
4. You’re The Most Handsome Man On Earth
5. You Like My Cooking, Even When I Mess It Up
6. When You Look Me Right In the Eyes I Melt
7. From Day One I Never Had A Doubt That I Loved You As Much as You Loved Me
8. You Play Rummy With Me For Hours On End Even When You’re Over It
9. You’ll Watch Twilight With Me lol
10. You Give The Best Hugs On Earth
11. You’ve Made Big Sacrifices Just So That We Could Have A Better Life
12. You Always Carry The Heavy Bags
13. When I Walked Down The Isle It Felt Like A Fairy Tale
14. You Make My Heart Flutter Every Time I Hear Your Voice
15. You Might Look Tough But You’re Really Just My Big Teddy Bear!
16. You Love Me Like No One Else Ever Could
17. You’re The Best Care Taker When I’m Sick
18. Cause You’re Tougher Then The Rest <3
19. Cause You’re Totally Willing To Move Here And Be My Lumber Jack!
20. Because No One Else Compares To My Old Man
21. You Like To Help Me Out In The Kitchen If I Ever Allow it lol
22. You Don’t Hate Me When I Blare The Worst Music Known To Man Kind
23. You Have the Biggest Heart I’ve Ever Known
24. When You’re Not Sure About An Outfit And Ask For My Input <3
25. Because You Need Lists Just Like Me We’re Old Already lol
26. Cause You Think I’m pretty Even In My PJ’s
27. You Go On Journeys For Blow Up Toys With Me And Have Just As Much Fun With It As Me
28. You Let Me Eat All The Ice Cream
29. You’d Rather Talk It Out Then Walk Around Mad All Day
30. You Always Know How To Make Me Smile
31. Even From All The Way Down In California You Know How to Make Me Feel Special Every Day
32. Cause I Always Know You’ll Have My Back
33. Because Nothing And No One Has Ever Suited Me So Well In My Whole Life
34. Because You’ll Watch P.S. I Love You With Me So Many Times We’re Almost Sick Of It
35. You Can Hang Up All The Odd Decorations I Buy For The House
36. Because You Work So Hard To Support Us And It Means The World To Me
37. Because You Let Me Steal All The Blankets (most nights lol)
38. You Buy Me Gorgeous Gerber Daisies Instead Of Roses
39. Cause Not Only Are You My Husband But You’re My Best Friend
40. You Let Me Get Pink Pots And Pans For Our Kitchen
41. Cause You Wear Short Shorts And Knee Socks To Go Bowling
42. Because You’ll Go To Nude Beaches With Me And My Parents
43. Cause You’re Such A Goof
44. We’ve Been Through So Much In Our Time Together And It’s Always Just Made Us Stronger
45. Because You Hope For The Same Things For Our Future
46. You Snuggle Me Even With Hairy Legs :p
47. Because When You Sleep You Look So Precious It Kills Me
48. Because Being Away From You Even For A Few Hours Feels Like An Eternity
49. Because Even When You Fall Asleep Without Texting Me I Can’t Be Mad At You
50. Because Even When You Smell Like A French Fry I Can’t Help But Think Your Handsome
51. Because You Wore A Hoodie In The Dead Heat Of Summer To Hide My Ring So You Could Propose
52. You’re The Perfect Big Spoon to This Little Spoon

Then I printed it all out and cut out each saying along with come words for the top cover and some words for the last card in the deck. I was ready to put it all together here were my supplies:

Then I used the whole punch to punch out two holes on each card that lined all the way through the deck so that they could eventually be tied together to create a little book.

I pasted all the reasons on card by card and added cute little stickers and sayings to go along with each one:

Then i just cut some ribbon, laced it through the holes tied it in a bow and I was all done:

I'm pretty stoked on how cute it turned out. Can't wait to see how much he likes it!

I went out this afternoon to go pick up my super cute new shoes to go along with that floral dress I just bought for the wedding in July. I took a picture but they don't look half as cute as they really are lol. The white part is patent leather and the  bottom part is actual wood! Just need to find an awesome little hand bag to go with it and I'm set

Next on my DIY list is to stud out something on hopefully a baby denim jacket if I can find one as a present for the most awesome soon to be rock and roll mom on earth!

What awesome DIY projects have you guys been working on as of late?

Hope everyones weekend is off to a rad start!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Romper, Florals, White Trash & Summer fun!

I have fallen in love with Rompers and Florals...Soo clearly a mix of the two is pure magic to me. Last week I got all cute to go out on my first outing since my surgery I wore my magical new floral romper here is picture evicence(though it more clearly shows I have huge tits rather then the fact that I am wearing a romper but wtv)

I have dark hair now incase you kids are like who the fuck is that imposter lol. It was super dead from so much bleaching so I  went dark and hacked a bunch off to let it get back to nice soft magical hair. It will soon be lucious and magical long extentions, pictures clearly to follow in the near future...

I also finaly found a dress for a wedding I have to go to in July, one guess what the pattern is....

I'm clearly addicted...

For years I have been dubbed The White Trash Princess sooooo I thought it was only fitting I get this rad patch for my new denim vest...

So stoked for it to get here!!

I'm going back east in July for two weeks on vacation and I can barely wait to see all my awesome friends and family! Then in August I am going to Seattle with almost all my best GF's!! So stoked for the summer!!! What are you guys excited for this summer?? Vacations, road trips, concerts???

Hope all is well!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


So in attempts to entertain my bed ridden self I have done a few little crafting projects lol. Please excuse the very house wife post to follow....

First off I did thank you cards for my wedding

 Inside they had cute little printed out notes along with a picture of me and Nate for the wedding day. It was way more fun to make them then to have them made and just stuff them in envelopes. I kinda wish I had a reason to make more lol.

Next I ordered some adorable little mini 9mm studs from Ebay. They are like half the size of a typical stud you would imagine. And I studded out my denim vest pretty stoked on it atm.

 I did some details on the front of it too but I'm far to lazy to go take more pictures of it right now. I'm semi considering studding out WTP across the top of the back but I can't decide if it will A) be to hard to do and make look nice or B) be really tacky and ugly lol so well see how that goes.

My next plan with the studs  is to do something like this:

Just gotta go vintage hunting for the perfect shorts to do it with first.

What are you guys upto this weekend? My plans for today include sitting out on my parents gorgeous back patio with a few pitchers of Sangria and some girl friends.