Monday, May 31, 2010

Sometimes I Cook

Actually I cook alot, but since I've been on bed rest I took a lil break from the kitchen. I was missing it a lot so this past weekend I decided to get back in the game and made a delish greek inspired Mac and Cheese the recipe was pulled from my all time favorite cooking blog Annie's Eats .

Here are some pictures I took while cooking:

 It was BEYOND delish! Though super filling, next time I'll for sure serve it with a veggie dish or a salad as well.

It was a pretty dreary and rainy weekend, so I got down to business and finaly put in my new fusion extensions! Pictures and blog about it in the next few days! I'm pretty stoked they look awesome!

Hope all you Americans had a rad long weekend!


Miss Nie$h Money said...

cook this for me!!!

Wren said...

When me and the hubby come to england I will cook you a feast!!