Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weaves and Mustache Rides

Hey guys! Alright so I ordered me some hair online so that I could do my extentions for the summer. Pretty stoked about the results!

 A lot of you email me about what I use for extensions so here is what goes into fusion extentions:

 Basically it's a heat gun and keratin bonded extentions. Though unless you are a stylist or have a friend who is a hairdresser who will do them for you I would not recommed trying them on your own. They will run you anywhere from $500 to $1000 in a salon and last about 3-4 months if you take care of them and have maintenance sessions halfway through.

If you are going to have a stylist friend do them at home you can get the gun on Ebay for $15 to $45 depending on the brand. And you can buy the hair on Ebay as well but don't buy the cheap stuff aka if there is a listing for 200 bonds for $45 I can pretty much garuntee the hair quality will be shit. You can expect to spend about $100 - $200 on the hair online for decent quality. I use about 200 bonds on my head and have medium thickness hair. 

Hope that helped answer some of your questions! If you have anymore feel free to ask.

If you guys read my blog a lot you know I LOVE Etsy! So I thought I would share my latest fave find on there with you guys! I bought this for my husband last week cause hes on a mustache kick at the moment.

 After I posted this on twitter the seller sold out of them. But she was super sweet and emailed me this morning to tell me she had mad a new batch (yes she makes them all by hand) and they are now listed for you guys to go buy!


Today I am starting day one of my new work out plan to get my body back after 3 months of bed rest from before and after surgery. Wish me luck!

I'm cooking dinner tonight too, fruit and seafood! Expect a food blog about it at some point this week!

Hope everyones week is off to a rad start

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