Saturday, May 15, 2010


So in attempts to entertain my bed ridden self I have done a few little crafting projects lol. Please excuse the very house wife post to follow....

First off I did thank you cards for my wedding

 Inside they had cute little printed out notes along with a picture of me and Nate for the wedding day. It was way more fun to make them then to have them made and just stuff them in envelopes. I kinda wish I had a reason to make more lol.

Next I ordered some adorable little mini 9mm studs from Ebay. They are like half the size of a typical stud you would imagine. And I studded out my denim vest pretty stoked on it atm.

 I did some details on the front of it too but I'm far to lazy to go take more pictures of it right now. I'm semi considering studding out WTP across the top of the back but I can't decide if it will A) be to hard to do and make look nice or B) be really tacky and ugly lol so well see how that goes.

My next plan with the studs  is to do something like this:

Just gotta go vintage hunting for the perfect shorts to do it with first.

What are you guys upto this weekend? My plans for today include sitting out on my parents gorgeous back patio with a few pitchers of Sangria and some girl friends.


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Melissa said...

Hey..I got one of those cards. :) I appreciate it. The photo was lovely.