Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steve Prue is quite the character...

I had the pleasure of meeting the awesomely fun to shoot with Steve Prue this fall. He has a really great studio in Bushwick with a store around the corner that makes the most epic sandwiches known to man kind ...I am urning for one right now!!

It's a smoke friendly atmosphere which always makes me stoked on life lol. We shot a REALLLY great set in the alley. That morning I had got my heal stuck in a subway grate and bailleddd! My knee was bleeding and grose so we decided to go with it and do a   rock and roll themed set!

Ouuu alright some other fun facts I am currently on the front of

One of those drawings I showed you guys the other day has been turned into a skateboard!

Click here to get a better view or buy it

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


nikkimoose. said...

im adding you to my list of sites - i was thinking about " if i was to date a girl it would be this one " or
"something tells me we would really get along well in real life " theres a few more im coming up with just havent decided xx

yesitsromy said...

I love the saran wrap photo. id love to see the whole set he took


Malorie said...

come to vegas and lets do a shoot together!!!