Friday, March 13, 2009

My Fave Places To Shop Online

So i thought it would be fun to link you guys to some of fave online stores. Here it goes<3

yes that is a a silver heart with a 14k gold dagger going through far the best jewelry you will ever find online! Teheheh in my opinion at least

If you love lil pendants and charms you will adore this ebay store...Honestly i have probly bought over 50 lil charms from this person lol I have an addiction to various length chains clutred with all these magical little charms

teheheh I have a few more jewelry sites that I am just to greedy with and think I am gonn have to keep to myself SOWWIE!

This site makes the most EPIC custom chandeliers known to ma kind...Like honestly It baffles me how amazing they are...

I have a really redic Legging addiction and this site feeds it

I have the tendancy to think Betsey can do no wrong

I like cute shirts just as much as the nest girl and I'm just lucky enough to have best friend who makes them!

I have a purse addiction it's true. Honestly I'm no fool, I cant afford to be buying 5000 dollar purses left right and center but i certainly can afford to rent them for a month or two til I am sicl of them then move onto the next.... teheh def one of my fave sites

Well is my main and biggest online shopping addiction...But i'm sure ya'll are already on top of that teheheh

I've been busry feasting on easter candies and working. Is it April yet? Fuck them for bringing out the easter candy so early shits gonna go right to my ass !! bahahhah that might be a good thing...

Hope all is well out in internet land with you guys!


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