Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Some times people draw really magical cartoon versions of me that leave me stoked on life.

A great example of that is The Plastic Age. Hes the raddest dude ever who had taken the GG`s on as of late as his muses

Here are two epic drawing he did of me

Wren minus tattoossss:

Wrennie with here old school hairs:

He pretty much makes me stoked on life every time I come across a new drawing he has done!

This one was done a long time ago as a Christmas present from a dear friend of mine Electrick Pick. Not only is he an amazing artist but an epic tattoo artist. To date this is the most amazing Christmas present I have ever received !

Water color Wren from Beyond:

Well I`m off to pull my shepards pie out of the oven and chow down. Hope you all had a great day!



Rhys said...

You're awesome. Just saying

Nybra said...

Love the toes, would love even more feet pics which i would then post to my Legs and feet blog, if alllowed of course. wwww.legandfeet.blogspot.com
DM on twitter @legsandfeet or email at gelteef@gmail.com I would be glad to provide links with the post to whatever you would prefer.