Monday, February 23, 2009

NYC and Vancouver Adventures!

Alright I figure it's time to give ya the low down on my vacation times as off the end of December!

I flew to NYC on December 29th to meet up with Chelsea and Katie two of my nearest and dearest friends. I was supposed to be in town 4 days and I ended up being there 7 lol

We rented some dirt bag Ho-Jo room in Jersery along with a car for our many adventures...I'm pretty sure we never hit the pillow once before the sun came up or sober for that matter.

We spent NYE at a Burning Angels party where I got to meet the two owners! It was fun and ummmm special to say the least....

We also made it out to New Haven to visit one of Chelsea's friends Tai who was the raddest dude ever! He had a room mate whos name was no joke Micheal Jackson!!! bahahaha he was an adorable giant teady bear not a kid creeper!

Here are pictures from some of our drunken antics:

bahahhahahah I am fairly sure I will NEVER live down those last two pictures....I flashed my tits to some poor paki man at a convinient store to distract him whim Chelsea stole those magical sunglasses and then we ran like the wind. The lesson here is i am a cheap drunk lol

If NYC could be summed up in 4 words it would be We <3 Motor City (aka the best bar in NYC) Alright sooooooooooo Now I am living out west and I headed down to Vancouver two weeks ago to shoot some sets for Burning Angel. Kelly Lind was shooting a whole bunch of North West girls for GG on an epic road trip adventure so I convinced him to come up to Van stay with me and Kyle and Shoot some Alt Porn. It all seemed like a great Idea untill the Canadian boarder decided to hate on Kelly so bad TWICE. So we gave up on that dream. And Instead I got insanely intoxicated with a few of my near and dear west coast friends. I hadn't seen Kyle or Mike since our last drunked escapade (that night ended in me decking a bouncer in the face to defend Mike Jakes honour bahahahah). And I had not seen Robyn since about that time either two years ago Me gazing at Robyn in awe of her beauty bahahah:

But f'real I love her fucking guts shes the prettiest little princess this earth ever did see(not to mention her tits are epic)!

As that picture depicts, I was well into my crunk juice (a mickey of vodka on an empty stomach mixed with no name cool-aid mix). By the time 9:30 hit I was well on my way to be the sloppiest drunk VanCity was gonna see that night.

Lol we did however manage to pull it together for a group photo sesh:

That was the last semi pulled together moment of my whole evening... We made it to the Cambie to meet up with leila and some other friends. If you were there, there is a very good chance you saw my tits as I was very flash happy around 5 other girls who get naked on the internet bahahahah.

There were some tragic drunk attempts at me dancing a little later on at the bourbon. Needless to say I was very hung over the next morning and missed my 720 am flight home.... I draged my ass back to kyles and proceeded to be intensely hung over with her, order take out, and try not to die for the rest of the day.

Eventually I made it home safe lol

Hope you all all have a great day



yesitsromy said...

This looked like such an awesome adventure. Im so jealous of all you girls <3

dandan said...

Nice cummerbund.