Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Shoot with Mark Boucher!

So back in November I shot with a great Quebec based photographer you can find him here.

We shot on a coooooooooolld day outside and I was in a corset lol and not much more for a lot of the time so as you imagine I hated my life. But we got some really great images from that day.

We shot at an abandoned rock quarry in Gatineau just outside of Ottawa. The stone that had been there turned the water in the tiny reserves into this amazing aqua blue colour and all the mud to white. it pretty much looked like an amazing desert oasis!

For the most part a lot of them have not been on the internet so I figured I would share them here with you guys!

After the shoot me and a Mark went and got McDonalds like the fat kids we are and I went home and tried to warm up for HOURSSSS

Here is me hating my life cause it felt like my toes had frost bite!!

I am sitting on my couch right now watching apollo 13 and eating chocolate turtles thanks to magical clearance sales at walmart!lol

Hope you're all having a great weekend!



MikeyRox2006 said...

Those photos are fantastic!
I really, really love them!

Coy Pink said...

Beautiful photos! At least you were rewarded with gorgeous pictures for all your time suffering in the cold.

Phil said...

Awesome blog keep up the good work...thanks for the twiiter request...