Thursday, February 19, 2009

My shoot with Joe Oliveira!

Back in December I headed to Montreal for a few photo shoots. I had the pleasure of working with the rad Joe Oliveira.

He has a great loft space that almost felt like home! Him and his wife were so inviting and such a pleasure to work with. Annnnnd he was my smoking buddy lol that made my day....Didn`t have to go brave the cold to smoke outside!

I am sure a few of you have seen a few Images from our shoot. Though I have a bundle on my comp that arent myspace friendly lol!

SOOO Get stoked cause I am here to show you the whole series:

YAY!!!!!!! Te he he he just seeing them all again makes me love his magicalness even more!

SOOO today I went to an all day seminar for work. Then a business after hours event. All on 4 hours sleep! This little mama`s is super sleepy!!

Time to make some soup, curl up in a ball on the couch and talk with my man lover!

Hope all is well with you kids out there in internet land!



yesitsromy said...

so so so amazing!!!

Rhys said...

Those photos are just awesome

dementes said...

i've just run across you (my boy actually pointed me here) and i love love love your stuff. beautiful.