Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Brunch Adventures: Izikaya Edition

Two of our good friends work at this gorgeous new restaurant on Elgin and asked us to join them there for brunch today. SOOOOOO glad we did!

Izikaya is at 339 Elgin brunch is only done there on Sundays and only started on mothers day weekend so the menu isn't listed on the website. Silly me should have taken a picture of the menu for you guys. It is an asian fusian restaurant done right! Ottawa has a bunch who have attempted this kind of menu but I have never felt they got it right the way Izikaya has.

I started with a delicious white wince pineapple sangria. I plan on trying out all their sangrias on my next few trips their cause they all sounded tasty it was hard to make a choice.

We split an order of their asian slaw for the table it was delicious. Your typical coleslaw made with cabage with apple and mango added in along with cilantro and crunchie asian noodles on top and a tangy asian dressing!

I had eggs benedict with a curried hollandaise sauce grilled shirmp on a bed of homefries and steamed asparagus along side house made bread. It was aaaaaamazing.

 Nate always loves his french toast so he went with their french toast, along with double smoked bacon on top of an apple cinnamon puree. I tried some and it was a perfect mix. Not to mention their platting was beautiful and we had great service.

Next time you are in the mood to try a little something different be sure to check this place out. I lurked out the dinner menu well there and my mouth was WATERING. Can't wait to get back there for a dinner service.

On our way out this morning this little guy was on the front steps. Too cute and furry like a cat it was a little strange.

Now i'm relaxing on the couch and have no plans on moving for the rest of the day. Hellooooo Sunday relaxation, I have waited allll week for you.

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