Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Got Banged

Bahahah well not really but I got bangs.

I have been so so bored with my hair lately and STRUGGLING not to color it some crazy color or go dark cause it took SOOOOO long to get it this way. So today instead of being insane and coloring it then regretting it in a month i gave myself bangs ! I'm kinda stoked on them, the look way better then I had imagined!

Alsoooo i had a few of ou guys asking to see a better picture of my new tattoo so here it is:

Erin Chance from NZ did it for me and I LOVE IT! Lurk out more of her work here:

She travesl to the states alot so keep your eyes peeled for her travel dates!

Hope you are all having a rad week


1 comment:

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Holy fukin awesome hair!