Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ghosts & Fire

I'm a ghost! lol this is how I stay so pale... Day on the beach with my parents and some other family.

The day after that picture was taken, the city I live in broke out in wildfires. We live in a valley in the mountains. This is the first one that started and we could see out our kitchen window:

That second image was taken not even 20 mins after the first one so you can imagine how fast the fires spread. It's been three days now and there are two other large fires that have started.

We are now in the middle of a triangle of there very large scale forest fires EPPP! They have been burning for 4 days now. It's kinda scary, we were told to pack bags in case we are evacuated. Luckily Im still at home!

All you can hear is planes flying over 24/7 to drop waters on the fires. Over 15 000 people where I live have been evacuated from their homes :(.

As of now there is no rain in the forcast and the hot dry weather we are having is only fueling the fires that are growing larger in size ever day. Not looking very promising lol

In Other news heres a new picture of me:

I will keep you guys updated on the fires.
Hope your weeks are all off to a better start then mine!


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Miss Scapegoat said...

Ahhhh be safe lady!

That last picture of you = super pretty!