Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hai lovers! I know it's been a long while I have just been so all over the place lately I haven't had the time to sit down and do this! I owe you all a big epic NIX Toronto update and I promise thats coming in the next week!

Heres a lil update on what I have done since I got back aside from work. Maddie came to visit last week!!! It was rad! We relaxed and spent some time in the nasty pool at her motel lol. Went to I-Hop and spent a day at the beach! I miss her guts already :(

Here's us at the beach: (casper and her black friend)

Yesterday morning I was running around doing a bunch of errands. I got to stop in at a dollar store aka heaven on earth to me. I picked up some new stuff to match all my kitchen wear (it's all blue and lime green)

I found these bad boys for 2.50 each and pick up like 6 of em lol. They are like wider mason jars with twist off lids

Great for storing nuts and candy and just all around magical teheheh. YES I have house wife in the blood lol and YES I am a giant nerd!!

I got the first of my photos back from Toronto! I shot with Swindle and a great photog Andre Kaufman. Keep your eyes peeled for me and Swindle images coming soon!!

Here is my first solo shot I really like (bringing out my inner Lisa Loeb)

The cincher was made for me by this rad lady! (more epic photos of this cincher to come)
I'm having some people over tonight and I made mango cantaloupe salsa to go with the pork tenderloin that is currently slow cooking on the BBQ!

YUMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! And on that note my loves, I am off to prepare the rest of dinner!

Happy 4th of July!!

(lol it was too cute I couldn't resist!!)


p.s. Cooking a big wonderful meal to share with friends somehow still feels empty cause hes not here to share it...

Only three more months till I get to fall asleep beside him forever! xo

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nina said...

aw, I'm so bummed I missed the competition. but here's a poem I wrote.

Haven't you heard
Wren is a bird?
But Wren is a lady human too
She doesn't eat spiders
Who sit down beside her
& she doesn't fly in the sky
She is better than apple pie
More romantic than winter fires
Or a town full of church spires
You dream of Wren in your garden
I beg you're pardon!?