Monday, June 18, 2012

Toronto, Tattoos, Pillows and Puppies!

Hey guys!

Me and Nate just got back from Toronto last night we had such a great weekend! We got to see some really great friends and go to the Northern Ink Xposure tattoo convention. I used to work for the convention so it was prety nice to be there and just be able to relax, have time to talk with everyone and actually get tattooed lol.

I got 2 little pieces added to my sleeve by Trevor Taylor from Liberty tattoos in Seattle

We picked up some really magical prints from some really awesome people there too! One from the lovely Erin Chance (middle print) one from a lovely lady sharing her booth  ( I am currently having a brain freeze on her  name) and one from Aaron Bell (right print)

We stayed with my best friend Jen who took us out for an epic brunch our last morning there. This is challah bread french toast stuffed with cheese cake filling and topped with bacon!

My mom watched the pups while we were out of town and snapped some pretty cute shots of the pups. I misssed them so she kept me updated via email with pictures lol.

 When my mom came by to drop off the pups today she suprised me with the pillows for our livingroom being done! They are better then I even imagined so excited to have them they make it all come together.

Well thats it now I am off to make up for a whole weekend with out puppy cuddles! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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