Saturday, March 24, 2012

Retail Therapy Home Edition: Taxidermy and Wax

Recently I bought some stuff online for around the house. They magically both showed up together on a friday night! Best way to come home from work and start off my weekend.

First off I got some mounted antlers to go into our livingroom. We are going to paint the plaques all teal and remount the antlers.

Second I ordered some new Scentsy products! My mom got  me hooked on this company just before Christmas. We are both big on scented candles and oils for the house but have never found the perfect balance between too strong, ones that burn too fast, or ones that don't smell the same when you burn them as they do in store. 

These are marketed as scented flameless candles. It's pretty much a ceramic base with a lightbulb inside that lights the top ceraminc piece. You put scented wax in the top and it melts and fills up your home with the most amazing smells! They have hundreds of scents so you can never get bored. I find half a bar lasts about one week if you have it on every night.

I ordered a new full sized heater for the living room the other one we have is going into our bedroom and I ordered a plug in one for the kitchen.

Need to ordered some sample tabs to find some spring / summer smells soon!

Also on the home front we've decided not to move but just to make our current place nicer. We had the weigh the pros and cons of moving and decided we will be much happier here with some much needed fixing up! I still have the same plans colour wise for the living room and kitchen. My moms doing curtains for the whole house and new bedding for our bedroom! Our landlords are getting a laminate wood floor put in through out all of the living space and having the nasty carpet taken out. We'll get new floors and cupboards in the kitchen as well! Fresh paint throughout the whole space and we're doing something really cool with that stairs that I have wanted to do since we moved in

Not in those colours but it's wallpaper! Doesn't it look cool? I'll be sure to post lots of update pics as we give our place a facelift!

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