Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthdays and BBQ!

So this week I celebrated my 27th birthday and I have never felt so blessed. It started off with overnights at work for the new spring concept flip. I work with such awesome people who got me cupcakes and sang me happy birthday late at night! And Germaine's mom made me her spring rolls that I am addicted too! You guys can't grasp how epic her vietnamese spring rolls are!

The next day me and Nate slept in and enjoyed a nice relaxing day to ourselves cause we don't get to do either of those often these days! It was much needed. I made homemade salsa which is one of my weeknesses!

Here's a picture and my recipe!
-3 large tomatoes chopped
-1/2 a white onion chopped
-1/2 a head of fresh cilantro chopped
-1 lime juiced
-salt to taste

Thats it let it sit for about half a day and it is the most delish fresh salsa! I love it!

Today we had a fun and busy day. We went on a little Bulk Barn spree, which to me is like heaven! We got a redic amount of candy and snacks along with some awesome new baking goodies for me! Including dog bone cookie cutters so I can start making my pups homemade treats! A cross cake pan which pretty much made my day, a great new anchor 2 cup liquid measuring cup and some really cute cupcake covers!

We got home and had fun with my new camera taking pictures of the cutest dogs you know miss Dolly and little Lem!

Then we headed off to my FAVORITE restaurant for dinner The SmoQue Shack . We are legit addicted to this place which just opened up in town this fall if you haven't been yet it is a must! Nate got steak, and I had brisket, we both had their AMAAZING mac & cheese and I had their creamy coleslaw ( I am a coleslaw addict and this is one of my favorites!). They have a BBQ ceaser which is to die for too! We haven't had anything there we didn't like

After we went to EQ3 and scored an amazing new couch on spring clearence! We got this model but in a light grey.

And lastly as if our day couldn't get any better we  decided on an awesome new apartment that we are moving into May 1st! Lots of packing painting and decorating in my near future and I love EVERY second of it! I already have two design inspirations for our new place. The first is for our new living room and the second is just the colour scheme insipration for our new kitchen dining space (for which I am on the hunt for a table and chairs cause we don't have any)


So on an end note, this has actually been the best birthday I can even remember. Me and Nate have a great year ahead of us and I couldn't be more excited! Great way to kick off our 27th year! I am so blessed to have such great friends, an amazing husband and the best parents on earth!


xmodxgoddessx said...

Our living room colour scheme is white, black, yellow, and a hint of teal:)

xmodxgoddessx said...

Our living room is the same colours (white, yellow, black), except we're going to paint the walls grey I think.