Friday, February 3, 2012

New Pup and Wedding adventures!

Alright so as I am sure you all know we added a new member to our family and his name is Lemmy! Him and Dolly are the best of friends now after two weeks of adapting. They give each other kisses and when I wake up in the middle of the night I catch them cuddling it's pretty cute! It's also really nice for Dolly to have a play pal so that we don't have to toss around her bar 4 hours a day lol. They play and sleep play and sleep it's a cute little routine that I am glad they both seem to be stoked on. So on that note here are a million photos of my babies.

Picture of Lemmy from the lady we bought him from when he was 4 weeks!

Last weekend we went to our good friends wedding and it was a great day! My morning was busy as I did her mothers hair and make-up for the wedding then did my moms hair and gave my dad a trim all before heading home to get ready myself. But it was all worth it! The venue was so perfect for them and the food was great! Later on in the night they had a make your own poutine station anddd a cookies and milk station too! Lots of awesome homemade touches that made for a really memorable night! Their first dance was to Grow Old With You that Adam Sandler sang in the wedding singer too awesome! Alright enough witht he ramblings here are a bunch of pictures from the wedding!

It was a great night and everything Heather and Scott deserved! So happy for them!

Sorry I have been semi m.i.a. I am taking a course and have been studying lots to get a big girl job lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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