Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back Woods Adventures and Makeovers!

Hey guys! So my parents moved back from the west coast last week! I spent the weekend at their new house helping my mom unpack and decorate for Christmas. They have amazing high ceilings and we managed to get an 11 foot tree that still looked small compared to the room! After decorating it with lots of new ornaments we looked through all our old ones from when I was younger. It was a pretty fun little trip down memory lane. I managed to sneak a few classics onto the new tree but shhhhhh don't tell!

It was too Big to  get it all in one shot lol!

 Dolly came out and spent the weekend with us too, she liked snacking on the pine needles and burrowing in my mothers couch! This was pretty much her position all weekend..

I managed to get started on some holiday baking too! Tried out those candy cane bark oreos I posted a while ago! Learned that melting white chocolate is not half as easy as dark chocolate lol. But in the end it turned out well!

Sunday we went out to North Gower to a tree farm to cut down the very frist Christmas tree me and Nate have ever had! We spent our first few Christmas's together at other peoples houses so we never really did much for it at our place. Needless to say I was suupppper  excited to get and decorate our first tree! Started collecting ornaments last last winter lol. We picked out the perfect tree and cut it down with a saw all by ourselves lol. It looks perfect now all decorated in our place!

No picture of it all set up yet but one coming soon I promise!

After all the tree cutting fun I went over to one of my moms best friends house to give her a makeover! Her daughter (who I grew up with) is getting married next month and she needed a hot mother of the bride look! I  did her hair and make-up trials for the wedding and she looked AMAZING! I feel so luck to get to be a part of making her look great for such a big day in their familys lives! We have Christmas eve dinner with them every year fore as far back as I can remember. I have a feeling this year will be an extra emotional one. We're all cry babies lol. To end off here is a picture of me and Nate from last Christmas eve at their house! Can't wait to add one from this year.


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