Thursday, November 24, 2011

Long Overdue Update!!!

Alright so I know I have been a major slacker over the past year but I am getting back into the blogging game! Sorry for the neglect I had a way busy year. Sometimes lifes craziness really takes over everything else!

In the past little while my newest DIY fun has been doing feather hair extentions! I do them at my place and at a local bars girls night once every two weeks where they do 10$ manicures and have delish martini deals!

If there are any Ottawa followers on here who wants so be sure to get at me! I have done lots more but been very lazy about getting pictures so thats all you get for now!

Other than that I have just been enjoying life up here in Canada with my husband! Gearing up for an amazing holiday season! My parents move back to Ontario next week so I can`t wait to share in all our old family traditions!

Well since its been so long heres a big photo update opf the past few months!

Summer BBQs and cottage adventures

Enjoying Canadian Thanksgiving with the family! And thats not a cell in my hand its a meat therm lol

A couple  cute photos of me and Nate!

And lastly me ready to go out Saturday night and then hungover the next am lol

In other  news I just lightened my hair from black but can`t manage to get a good picture of it so we`ll leave that for a future update but I am pretty stoked to have a change in colour. I was black for far too long!

Missed you all so much and can`t wait to get back in touch!


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