Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Magic of Josh Cole

 I had the awesome pleasure of being flown out to Nashville and spending 5 days in town shooting with Josh Cole. We shot quite a few things and I am now lucky enough to have a few of the photos in my port from our shoot days. First is the most recent I recieved followed by the other two

Every prop and item you see in those images were real not photoshoped in from stock photos. He crafted AMAZING sets and we went from there. From the pistol to the stuffed cougar to the bird skulls to the bird cage every item was there on set and shot on set with me! He really is amazing at what he does!

The corsests in the first image were provided by the sweet as honey ETCorsets. And the pieces in the second photo were made by the awesome Victoria Velvet. Take a minute to click their names and checkout their rad stuff!

I had a nasty cold when I was in Nashville so I didn't get to venture out as much as I had planned and work schedual was a little cramped. But I did ave the joy of eating at 5 Guys YUMMMYYY burgers! And got to stay with Josh's friend Angela who I adore and am so glad I got to get to know.

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. So far I have spent most of mine in the hospital due to some complications from surgery :( NOT FUN lol but I'm still hangin in there. Now it's time to get back to catching up on The Vampire Diaries for the rest of the night and back to the hospital in the am for more tests. Wish me luck!


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