Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Fall Closet!

Alright if you guys hadn't caught on already , I LOVEEEEE to shop! So I felt it only fitting that I post a blog of all the things I feel I would die without for this fall season. ( Note that I was to lazy to bust out my camera so the ones I could not find in google images I just stole some similar pictures)

And to begin!


I'm all about beaters and v necks in white grey and black. As well as DIY halters from band shirts and other such fun things (yes i own both those halters be jealous :p) and PLAIDDDD


Leggings and stockings of any sort, the tackier the better lol



Boots / Shoes

Thigh highs, buckles, moccasins and as always a classic semi rounded toe black pump

I'm still looking for the perfect flat brown boot, strongly considering a pair or minnetonka boots.


Cropped leather and denim jackets, Fringe purses, feathers and crosses and bird skulls

Lol wow that took forever, eff blogger for making placing images such an epic task! Oh well there you have it, my fall closet pieces I would urn for if i didn't have lol

Aside from all that I have just been busy wedding planning and getting ready for the big move down south!

Hope all is well with you guys!



Anonymous said...

where did you find the last stocking with floral pattern?

Julie Hope Eaves said...
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Á; said...

" I`m a hopeless romantic, who had pretty much given up on ever finding the one. Then the man of my dreams came along and we lived happily ever after..." Dunno why, but this sounded really beautiful. Maybe it's because I saw myself till the "given up on ever find the one" and got happy for you from there on, or just because I'm too fucking emotive today, LOL.
Well, don't mind.

BTW, that Pantera shirt rocks. ;P