Friday, September 4, 2009

The Princess has found her Prince!!

Yep thats right this little lady is engaged!!!

Wedding pictures coming soon teheehe. Sorry I've been MIA just been busy working lots and planning a wedding and being the extra girly girl wedding planning can bring out in a person lol.

I'm pretty stoked on my ring he did a good job! The amethyst is his birthstone, how cute is that. I am having his ring specialy made and it will have my birthstone set into it as well. Were such cheesy fuckers lol.

While Nathan was here we had a pretty rad time eve got our two pale asses out to the beach lol here is proof:

We went with my parents and the other end of the beach was a nudie beach so it was interesting to say the least but a rad day all together! My mom was like the paparazi sneak attacking us with photos. She found it pretty amusing to watch two smokers try and blow up beach toys lol.

We also had an epic movie night. We decided to hit up the Walmart 2 for $10 dvd bin and this is what we came up with:

Encino Man is an obvious choice. But Death Race 2000, lemme tell you if you haven't seen it you have to, total 70's b movie magic lol. Get in on that! Nathan had never even heard of it so it was a must!

Well it's 3:30 am and I just kinda woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep but I think it's that time again for me to head off to dream land. Hope all has been well with you guys and I promise to keep this up better then I have been so check back soon times for a new blog!



Healing Heart Designs said...

Encino Man = CLASSIC! I love that movie so much. Remember when Brendan Frasier was hot and Pauly Shore was funny? Too long ago lol.

ps- My verification word for this comment is "proons" LOL. POON.

Bear Bronson said...

I love Death Race 2000. Just seeing Sylvester Stallone punch the shit out of his navigator and practically abusing the shit out of her had me in tears from laughter.

Congrats on the engagement.