Monday, September 14, 2009

Magical New Finds!

Alright so today I was out buying party favors stuff and table centerpiece decorations for my Halloween wedding. I wont show all that stuff cause it's a surprise.

But I will show you the awesome new stuff I found for me and Nathans house!

You gotta love Halloween time for such epic finds! I got 8 of those skull plates and I would have gotten a second candle holder but there was only one :(

Alright onto other things. I have began to force myself to clear out about 10 things from my closet every two weeks to try and get rid of some extra stuff I never use before the big move down south. I just posted this weeks items on ebay so go take a peak and see if there is anything you like!

I have been making a million cupcakes as of late to try and figure out which icing tip I like best for the cupcakes on my wedding cupcake tower. I got a few more today at the craft store so I am off to test those out!

Hope youre all having a rad start to your week!


1 comment:

mmmorgans said...

I have the same candle holders, looove them!