Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dale May Makes Magic!

While on one of my NYC adventures i had the pleasure of shooting with the wonderful and magical Dale May. He shot me for the cover of Tattoo Life magazine and then after wards we dicked around a bit and shot some other fun things.

Here is a picture he sent me from that day:

I love it so so much, hope you guys do too!

I am currently in the SF area visiting the boyfriend and working a bit. I have a few rad shoots while in town and I will be sure to post up the pictures for you guys as soon as I get my hands on them!

On a personal note heres me and the boy being love birds xo

Hope you guys all had a rad week


Miss Scapegoat said...

Gurlllll you so fine!

You and your man are soo so adorable together.

Kanda Enemy said...

Ya'll are so cute together!

Jen's Journal said...

gorgeous <3
your pic and you & your guy